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Staff Webpages

Listed below are staff members at Caldwell County Primary School.  If their name is a "link", they have established a Webpage.  Click their name to go directly to their page. 

Contact Daniel Bean  Daniel Bean Principal
Contact Wendy Sullenger  Wendy Sullenger Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Robyn Taylor  Robyn Taylor (270) 365-8040 Guidance Counselor
Contact Lee Gill  Lee Gill Teacher
Contact Amy Holt  Amy Holt Teacher
Contact Susan Meadows  Susan Meadows Teacher
Contact Stacy Travis  Stacy Travis Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Jamie Maddox  Jamie Maddox (270) 365-8040 Teacher
Contact Lyndsey Rogers  Lyndsey Rogers Teacher
Contact Lori Scott  Lori Scott Teacher
Contact Kelly Stevens  Kelly Stevens Teacher
Contact Mindy Wall  Mindy Wall Teacher
Contact Cresta Woford  Cresta Woford (270) 365-8040 Teacher
Teachers of Special Classes
Contact Jenny Birrell-White  Jenny Birrell-White Teacher
Contact Wendy Cayce  Wendy Cayce Teacher
Contact Emily Scott  Emily Scott Teacher
Speech/Language Pathologist