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Planning Resources
Tools for the Common Core
This is Bill McCallum's blog. It is dedicated to the Common Core Standards.

Common Core Tools

Illustrative Mathematics Project
This site is a work in progress. Bill McCallum, one of the writers of the Common Core, is building this site to illustrate the intent of the standards. There are sample problems for every grade level written as the standards intended.

Think Math
This website gives a narrative expanantion for what each SMP may look like in the elementary school setting.

Inside Mathematics
Descriptions of the Standards for Mathematical Practice and video links illustrating each practice.

Progressions Documents
This page has links to documents that narrate and explain the progression of standards between grade levels and within particular grade levels. It is very helpful to reference both the grade below and above when planning.

Vocabulary Resources
Math vocabulary flash cards and word wall cards alligned with CCSS sorted by grade level.

K-8 Critieria for Evaluating Resources
This document includes "look fors" for evaluating teaching materials. These were written by the writers of the CCSS.


Standards for Mathematical Practice Posters

K-1 SMP Posters

Grades 2-3 SMP Posters

Grades 4-5 SMP Posters

Grade 6 SMP Posters


Print Resources
Marzano's Vocabulary Games for the Classroom

Marzano's Building Academic Vocabulary